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Decide with program you would like to do.

Purchase the program. $40 for 4 weeks of workouts. 

Once purchased you will receive an invite link to program. 


Download the app and your program will be ready to access. 

You can purchase and follow these programs from anywhere in the world.




Access to training programs designed by Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist CSCS

Messaging within the app for guidance and support from Team Styles

View Exercise Demos & Instructional Images

Access demo videos and images to ensure your technique is on point.

Track Your Workouts & Progress

Log each training session, including reps, sets, weights, and notes. The app keeps score of your PRs and notify you when you’ve crushed another record lift.

History of weights used for each exercise. 

No Guesswork: Every set, rep and exercise is fully detailed and clearly mapped out for you to follow along.


Explosive Athlete Program - Prep Cycle


The program is a 4-day split, with two days focused on the lower body and two days focused on the upper body. (See “adjustments” below to understand how to adjust the program to 2-3 days per week as needed.)


There is a max-effort day devoted to both the upper and lower body each week and a dynamic effort day devoted to both the upper and lower body each week. Max-effort days focus on moving heavy weight, and often times that means building to a 1,2,3, or 5 rep max.

This progam is a multi sport program suited for all levels of abilities. Delivered online through an app with feedback and coaching throughout the program. 


  • Prep Cycle

  • Explode Cycle

  • Power Cycle

  • Finisher Cycle 




2-3 Days per week. Can be adapted to preference. It's designed to build strength in the four main lifts. Bench, Squat, Deadlift and Overhead Press This program will have you training the main four lifts along with accessory work to build lean muscle. It's the perfect program for intermediate to advanced lifters.  



2-3 Days per week. Can be adapted to preference. It's designed to build strength in the four main lifts. Bench, Squat, Deadlift and Overhead Press. Everyday is a combination of barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, and cardio movements guaranteed to push your fitness to the next level to make you stronger, faster, and leaner.



This full body program delivers strength and conditioning training 3 days per week for those who want results without spending hours in the gym.  This program will help you feel stronger and also leave you feeling good with some conditioning workouts to elevate your heart rate!

Copy of Copy of STRENGTH SERIES.png


This program is 2 workouts per week dedicated to building muscle in your legs and getting them stronger. It is combined with exercises specifically focused to target core strength.

Copy of Copy of STRENGTH SERIES (1).png


30-45 Minute workouts 3 times per week. You will learn the fundamental movement patterns to increase your confidence and competency. Increase your range of motion, stability and control. This is a great place to start if you are new to resistance training or exercise and just starting out or making a come back after a long break. 


"Great app and fantastic strength program! The app is comprehensive and easy to use. Amy’s strength program is amazing! I was able to dial in on my 1RMs and never have to play with the weights on my sets. I know exactly the weight needed to push my muscles to the max. The conditioning will leave you in a puddle on the floor, but you walk out feeling like a champion. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to take their training to the next level!" -  Tony Dodaro


"This program has been great I’ve seen great gains in strength and  improvement in my form. The app its delivered through is awesome and so easy to use!" - Bernie Nordstrom


"This gym floor Strength Training program has been very effective for me.  It’s a great compliment to my cardio and Hustle routine because it enables me to work at my own pace and to concentrate on my form. I’ve gained strength and muscle while burning more fat and building bone density. Amy’s full body workouts are well balanced and challenging and take  out the guess work and intimidation I sometimes feel when approaching a weight routine   


The interactive app is a great tool that includes not only the weight and # of reps but also a demonstration video of each move. It tracks your history so you can push yourself even harder the next time and tracks your progress. 


You can communicate directly with Amy through the app, and she is quick to respond with feedback or substitions. 


This program has given me extra confidence with strength training, and I’m starting to see some great results."

 - Kim Bailey


"I needed a change.  I was doing only classes and after doing a Dexa scan, I could see I needed to incorporate more weight training.  This Full Body program is a very affordable Virtual Personal Trainer.  You complete the workouts on your own time at your own pace.   It’s a cool idea to get you used to all the equipment on the floor and learn different exercises for different muscle groups.  In no time, you will see yourself getting stronger as the workouts progress.  If you have a question, each workout has a video to explain how to complete the workout properly and safely.  For me, it’s been really fun getting out trying new machines, exercises and increasing weight.  So throw on your headphones, choose a program and give it a try for a month, you won’t be sorry!" - Sally Lowe


"I absolutely love the program! Designed to fit my needs and goals! Changed my muscle definition quickly and I loved it! I like that after discussion it could be modified to better fit into my schedule! I will for sure do it again soon!" - Tammy Hopkins


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