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Body Composition for HUMAN PERFORMANCE

Tailored training programs with the Dexa scan helps athletes reach their full potential while avoiding injury.



Body Composition for Weight Loss

The Dexa scan provides you with an accurate picture of muscle, bone, and fat mass that aids in the design of customized weight loss programs with our Coaches.



With high accuracy and precision, the Dexa scan is a more comprehensive way to measure your body composition compared to other methods on the market. You get a complete full report on your body composition results.



Dexa scan is considered the gold standard for body composition measurement and is the most accurate way to measure body fat, lean muscle mass, and bone density. The Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, provides a comprehensive look at your body, including bone, muscle, limb comparison, muscle imbalances, visceral fat and more. Its high precision and accuracy make it the most reliable option available today. Couple this with our Styles Wellness Coaches who use this information to create a personally tailored approach to your fitness routine and you have a winning formula for success!


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Case Study: Kim

Kim met with Dr. Jarrod D. Meerkin of MeasureUp in Sydney, Australia to undergo a BodyLogic™ scan to find out her ideal body weight to aid in her weight loss journey. Kim entered the meeting with a goal of losing 40 – 50 kilos, or around 88-110 pounds, to end up at 80 kilos, or around 176 pounds. However, after receiving the Dexa Scan and reviewing her Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, she had a much more accurate picture of her body composition and a better understanding of how much weight she should lose.

During the review of her Advanced Body Composition® Assessment report, Kim found out that to reach her ideal body weight, she only needed to lose 23 – 28 kilos, or around 50 – 62 pounds. Thanks to the BodyLogic scan, Kim left the meeting with a much more attainable goal.



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VAT Assessment

The InnerCore™ Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) Assessment, which is available with the Dexa scan, it provides a more convenient way to estimate a your visceral fat in the abdominal region. Deep visceral fat is metabolically active and is often associated with diseases like diabetes, hypertension, impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance, and metabolic syndrome. Fortunately, the BodyLogic scan can distinguish between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, giving you a unique understanding of the potential diseases that could be putting you at risk. 


The BodyLogic™ scan can help inform individualized training programs for athletes. Today, university athletic programs are using the Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, available with the BodyLogic scan on the Horizon™ DXA system, to create customized training plans to ensure that athletes are in peak shape for their seasons. In addition to enhancing the health of the athlete, these tailored plans can also help reduce the risk of injury.

Data from BodyLogic scans can be useful to athletic programs, physical trainers, and coaches. The detailed information allows sports programs to review information about each athlete and provide guidance on how best to avoid future or repeat injuries before they happen. It provides the ability to track progress of athletes with previous injuries who have undergone surgeries to understand whether they are losing or retaining muscle during the rehab process.

The BodyLogic scan can also play an important role in assisting symmetrical muscle developments for athletes of all sports. The data provides information on muscle mass and bone density for the entire body, which can be used to alter an athlete’s training program to gain more symmetry and ultimately prevent injury. Once training adjustments have been made, the BodyLogic scan can continue to track progress.

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