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Free Hydromassages, Compression Recovery Boot sessions, Hypervolt massage guns and rollers, Fit3Ds, your first DEXA Scan FREE!

Membership include all classes in all studios, state-of-the art gym floor, free towel service and lockers, a club app for easy class and appointment booking, plus full access to friendly and knowledgeable staff to help with your goals and needs.

Member app - Online Booking, Purchases, and More 

Nutrition Tracking, Workout Builder & more

Styles LIVE Classes on the go!

Unlimited Classes in all 4 Studios   

Live and Virtual Classes

Free & Unlimited Suspension for Medical & Emergency

Styles Sweat & Save Program

Automatic discounts at participating local businesses

Body Measurements with Coaching add-ons available

Dexa Scan / Vo2max / RMR testing

Nutrition services add ons


RFID Technology for fast access to club, lockers, cardio equipment and purchases 

1 x Class $10

15 x Classes $140

Individual Month to Month $100/pm
Individual 6 Months $90/pm
Individual 12 Months $80/pm
Couple 12 Months $150p/m
Student Month to Month $70/pm

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