Carrie Kepple, Amy Styles and Jim Worthington, between them have over 75 years of experience as leaders in the fitness industry building and running profitable and award winning clubs, all while specializing in the group exercise and studio experience.

Carrie and Amy have travelled the globe training thousands of instructors the art of teaching a great class, as well as teaching club owners and operators how to create profitable club business. They have featured on dozens of fitness DVDs distributed world-wide, and all three have spoken at numerous industry conventions as experts in their field. They are world renowned experts at club business and the group fitness and studio experience. Here's a bit more about each of us...


A Central Illinois native, has an immense amount of experience in new club start-ups and ongoing club operations. From the US to New Zealand and back again she's led large corporate teams at Gold's Gym International, built new, multi-million dollar clubs turning them profitable in record time in New Zealand, and she has also rehabbed a club devastated by a deadly earthquake for which she and her team won multiple major club business awards including Supreme Club of the Year for New Zealand 3 years in a row. This comeback story was featured in industry publications globally and is still used as a case study in presentations at industry conventions. 

Carrie currently serves on the Board of Directors for IHRSA  as Vice Chairman (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association) based in Boston, MA.  IHRSA is the governing body of fitness club business globally. The association's role is to grow, promote, and protect the fitness club industry. 

Carrie has also spent over a decade traveling the globe presenting and training instructors. Her vast knowledge of how to master the craft of teaching  group fitness has made her expert in creating a powerful team. 



Amy's background includes 14 years of owning her own Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training business. She is a killer programmer with an uncanny ability to shift people's level of fitness through her workouts. She also owned and operated a successful sports event training business through which she trained and coached ironman competitors, sprint and olympic distance triathlon athletes, and marathon runners, as well as competing herself. She gained her International Accreditation as a Transformational (life) Coach and has taken clients from all around the globe for coaching sessions, helping them repair their relationship with fitness, nutrition and recovery. Amy was the National Training Manager for Les Mills New Zealand where she recruited, trained, and managed New Zealand's top 1% of talent that frequent the international DVDs and travel the world representing the brand. Amy has spent more than a decade presenting on DVDs and being a global icon for the brand. She holds a BA in Exercise Science and recently obtained her US National Strength and Conditioning Coach certification (CSCS) to aid in her programming of classes for the HUSTLE studio.



This power house couple has partnered with fitness industry icon Jim Worthington, the owner of Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) in Newtown Pennsylvania as their partner in the business. Jim was recently the IHRSA Board Chairman of 2018/2019. He was also elected to the US President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. And he spearheaded a team who were successful in passing The Right to Try bill in Washington DC that allows terminally ill people in the United States access to experimental drugs. He is dedicated to passing the PHIT act that would allow all Americans the ability to utilize their health savings accounts on preventative health care such as gym memberships or costs associated to youth sports. He is also a big supporter of IHRSA's advocacy team that is dedicated to preventing harmful legislation from impacting the fitness industry. Jim began in the fitness industry back in the 1970s and has been a key industry leader ever since. He owns several other businesses and properties in Pennsylvania as well and is a very successful businessman.

Jim Worthington


All 3 owners are pumped to bring Peoria the best fitness and wellness experience it’s ever seen! Together, their desire to share and educate wellness comes from their mission to get as many people living fit and well as they possibly can. Through Styles Studios Fitness they will share with others how to stay in balance and live a life of wellness by creating healthy relationships with their mind and bodies, making fitness fun and healthy eating a daily habit. Their goal is to help people discover how to live their best life with an "all styles welcome" approach. Regardless of fitness level, age, race, or background, they will ensure Styles Studios is an accepting environment that cares for all its members and respects their fitness and wellness journey.