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2024 New Year Build/Shred LIVE 8 week program!

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Get your spot in our 2024 New Year BUILD/SHRED 8 week program kicking off January 15th 2024! LIMITED TIME - use code CARRIE10 at checkout to get 10% off. Cannot apply gift card to promo discount.

Select 1 A day and 1 B day at checkout. Note times may vary depending on how many sign up per slot. 8 to 10 people per timeslot, so grab yours now. If there is a day or week you cannot make during the 8 weeks, we accommodate that by providing you the workouts to do from anywhere at times that suit you best.


8 weeks of LIVE small group personal training - 4 weeks of lifting and building muscle followed by 4 weeks of adding in cardio to the weights and shredding the fat! Plus DEXA scans before and after to witness your progress.

Just $299 ((full value of $519! Save $219) Pre-purchase now and be set to kick off your New Year with a banging fitness routine!

Members and Non-Members welcome! Non-members you can have the option to add on trial membership during these 8 weeks if you'd like to take advantage of classes and facility during your program. Click that option here. For more information on that, ask at

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