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Non-Member HYDROMASSAGE Unlimited Monthly

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Relax and recovery faster in our heated HydroMassage bed that uses water pressure to massage you from head to toe. You control the pressure, speed and parts of your body you want massaged. Just 10 minutes on this HydroMassage bed has the same benefits of a 45 minute regular massage. So its time efficient and effective. Relieve muscle soreness, reduce stress, increase circulation, and enhance mood. Single session $12 or $25 for a month of unlimited massages. Subscription free to cancel at anytime.

HydroMassage is a hands-free massage therapy that uses water massage technology to provide comfort and relief to targeted areas of the body. While many hydrotherapy treatments require immersion in water, HydroMassage applies water jets through a bed or lounge to massage the body, meaning one can reap the benefits of hydrotherapy anywhere, anytime. This type of treatment is perfect for athletes, individuals dealing with aches and pains or anyone seeking overall wellness for both body and mind.

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