What is FitTrace For Athletes?

FitTrace for Athletes provides advanced body composition analysis specifically for sports.  It includes DXA body composition scans and analysis through the FitTrace app.   Optional consultations with experts in DXA body composition, training, and nutrition are also available.

DXA technology is used by professional sports, college sports, and with Olympic teams.  This medical grade body composition technology is now available to the general public and athletes at an affordable price.

The FitTrace app interprets DXA measurements so you can fine tune your training program…and get the results you want.  Adjust training and nutrition to optimize for your sport.

FitTrace for Athletes is available in several plans:

  • Two DXA scans, a one year subscription to FitTrace and one half hour online training/nutrition consult

  • Two DXA scans, a one year subscription to FitTrace, and two half hour online training/nutrition consults

What is DXA?

DXA is medical grade technology for measuring body composition.  It is used in the NFL, NBA, Olympics, and in college athletic departments.  A DXA scan breaks the body down into fat, lean, and bone and shows their distribution within the body. 


Some of the raw data produced by a single DXA scan.



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