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Welcome to Styles Safe!

The safety of our staff, members and guests is paramount always, and especially in response to COVID19.

Introducing #StylesSafe, our campaign and plan for facility and operational improvements for the safety and cleanliness of the club for all.

Our goal is to create safety measures and resources that result in a safe workout environment for staff members and guests during this reopening phase, and beyond as required and responsible.

Below are out actions, but we ask that you also take personal responsibility by staying home if sick and wiping down all equipment and surfaces after use.


Thank you!

Washing hands rubbing with soap man for



Facility improvements/added resources


  • 12 new hand sanitizer stations at entrance, in gym, locker rooms, Dexa Wellness and the studios (11 wall/pillar mounted, 1 free stand).

  • Additional wipe stand in CHAIN studio.

  • Bleach mandatory for all towel washing.

  • Bleach mandatory in addition to other products for all floor and surface cleaning.

  • Additional Simple Green spray bottles for equipment cleaning by staff.

  • Masks for staff. 

  • Touchless thermometer for temp checks upon entry.

  • UV wand for disinfecting VeriFone, keyboards and computer mice and other shared surfaces.


Operations improvements/added resources



  •  See signage to ensure safe distancing in walkways and common areas.

  • “Have a Great Workout! #StylesSafe” floor marking stickers in Urban Ritual and FreeSol studios to indicate where to stand to maintain a safe distance while participating in class.

  • “Please use next piece of equipment” tags on every other treadmill, elliptical, bikes on the gym floor, and in HUSTLE and CHAIN.

  • “Keep it clean ‘n wipe me down” and "I'm now clean and ready" sign system for all cardio equipment.


  • Added additional cleaning staff and hours

Booking System

  • 25 people per hour to book gym floor workouts.

  • Virtual Classes only initially booking limit of 10 spots per class.

  • Live classes will roll out after initial reopening phase and will initially have 10 spots each to book. 8 for HUSTLE.


Operations improvements/added resources


Class Schedule

  • Classes will be spaced farther apart initially

  • No staff allowed to book for classes during limited operations phases.

  • No guests or free classes allowed during this time. Only paying members or pay by class.

  • Members allowed to book a max of 1 virtual class and 1 gym floor workout per day initially.

  • $5 No Show fee will automatically apply to people who book a spot and don’t show and don’t cancel.

Online Classes

  • At home remote access for members to feature live classes each day will remain in club app and on private Members Only Facebook Group.

  • All Club Members to now receive a FREE monthly subscription to our brand new Styles Online Studios App releasing soon. App available for purchase from anywhere for $9.99pm and features HUSTLE @ HOME, Virtual Personal Training, and Self Care.

Club Waiver

  • COVID19 related amendments have been added to the club liability waiver. Everyone must sign before use.  

We can’t wait to sweat in Styles safely with you.

#StylesStrong #StylesSafe



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