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Non- Member Recovery Boots Unlimited Monthly

$25.00 per month
In stock
Product Details

NEW to Styles!! Recovery boots have arrived!! $15 for 30 min session or add unlimited access onto your membership for just $25 per month! Available for non members also for our single and monthly sessions.

Why use recovery boots?

Recover faster from your workouts! Recovery Boots can effectively increase the blood flow in your muscles and help get rid of the waste products, which in turn will help you recover faster. Recovery boots are using air compression to force the venous fluid back. That way, your body gets rid of waste products and the blood flow will increase.

When use recovery boots?

Anytime right after training or a grueling day of work or travel is an ideal time to use compression therapy. Using the recovery boots anytime your legs are feeling sore can make a difference day to day.

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