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7 Tips to Indoor Cycling Success

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

If you’ve ever wanted to take an indoor cycle class but have been too worried your butt will hurt, or don’t know how to set up your bike, or are just plain scared you’ll fall off your bike like Amy Schumer in the movie “I Feel Pretty”, then this blog is for you!

Here are our 7 tips to indoor cycling success!

1. What to wear? If you don’t want to rock out the fully padded lycra bike shorts, that’s ok, you don’t have to. We suggest workout tights for women and board shorts for men. The reason we don’t suggest short shorts for anyone is because you could be subject to some good “chaffage” if you now what we mean? And nobody wants that! If you want to know our real secret from years and years of indoor cycling? Go commando. Enough said.

2. What to bring? A towel and water bottle are key to your comfort. We’ve got you covered on the towel service, just grab one on your way to class. We also sell water at reception if you forgot your bottle at home. If you know you’re going to be hungry after class, pre-order your smoothie at THE BAR and it will be ready for you to grab on your way out.

3. When to show up? If it’s your first class, definitely show up at least 5 minutes early to get set up on your bike with the lights on. Everything is easier to figure out with the lights on, don’t you think? Also, now’s not the time to be shy. Introduce yourself to your Studio Coach, they are there to help you have the best ride possible and teach you how to set up on your bike to suit your body.

4. What if I struggle during class? That’s ok! If you’re feeling like you’re struggling, that’s a sign you are working hard and that’s a good thing. There is no shame in physically failing inside an interval. That’s exactly how we build fitness. You have to fail to improve. It’s called progress, and that’s the name of the game. The secret is not to feel shame in these moments of hard work where you feel like quitting, instead be proud of how well your doing. And certainly avoid comparing yourself to your neighbour as everyone is on their own fitness journey with their own individual fitness level and tolerance to the workout.

5. What about this knob I have to turn? Well it’s certainly not going to turn itself. So yep it’s up to you to self-regulate your effort. Depending on what your Coach is cueing, you’ll turn the knob (or dial as we also call it) to the right to add resistance and load to the legs, and turn to the left to reduce and make it easier.  It’s a simple game of adding pressure and keeping the pedals moving at the right pace. That’s your goal in every interval. Then rest well in-between.

6. What do I do when class is over? Well firstly, congratulate yourself! Well done! Then try your best to stick around for the stretch. Cycling can make your legs and hips pretty tight, so getting a stretch in after each workout is critical for good recovery. Also, rebook for your next class either at reception, on the website or on your member app right after class. This is because you’re at your most motivated when you’re on a high from completing a workout, and that’s the best time to keep the momentum going and book in to come back again. Since cycling is outstanding cardio that’s safe on your joints, you can pretty much ride as often as you want as long as you give your body ample recovery in-between. We do suggest mixing it with strength training and yoga for a well-rounded routine and maximum results.

7. Lastly, which is the best program? Well that will be up to you! They are all amazing for their different training objectives and you need to find which ones suit your goals and preferences. THE TRIP™ will play fun tricks with your perceived exertion! In the class you won’t notice how hard you’re working because you’re so distracted but afterwards your heart rate results will tell another story. SPRINT™ will burn in a good way for short burst of efforts where you hit your maximum intensity on and off for only 30 minutes. And RPM™ will take you on an outdoor ride indoors where you’ll hit an endorphin high through mixed terrain. So you know what we suggest? We suggest you try them ALL!

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