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Rituals to Routines to Results

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Habits are simply rituals with a predicted frequency.

Daily rituals are just that, things we do daily. And because we do them everyday they are a habit.

A fitness ritual is simply a time you set for yourself every day or days throughout the week where you move.

Not every time you’ll move in the same way, and in fact you shouldn’t. You’ll get bored and only train the same muscles, missing the others. Mix it up.

What time of day and what days a week could you set for your fitness ritual? Write those down somewhere you can remind yourself daily until it becomes an unconscious habit.

Don’t worry about what you’ll do each day. Just make the time and days you’ll take the action a ritual you make the habit of not missing.

Start by doing what you feel like each time. Even if it’s a just a walk or stretching. Do something that you feel like first and build the habit of doing something at that time of days on those days a week until you’re pretty consistent. If you miss one, no shaming! It’s ok.

Once you’re pretty consistent, then look at expanding your routines. Attend a new class or try a new free workout from our app. Start exploring workouts and find ones you like. Consider why you like them? How do they make you feel? And can you make them part of your routine library of options?

When you make your ritual a habit and build a library of enjoyable routines you will find long lasting results.

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