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There is no perfect in fitness

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Did you know our perfectionism can hold us back from living a healthy and fit life? Seems ironic considering the need to eat perfect and workout perfect sounds like the logical route to a perfectly healthy and fit life.

The truth is, when we place unreachable expectations of perfection on ourselves, we actually create situations of inevitable failure because we’ll never truly reach perfect. And when we don’t meet our own expectations, we feel shame.

That shame is what actual makes us quit what we started.

If you want to make lasting change in. your health and fitness, the secret is spot when you’re setting goals that are laced with perfection, and when you are placing unrealistic visions of yourself achieving those goals.

Instead, shrink goals into little building blocks. One small achievable thing at a time. Think small to play big.

When you accomplish small wins daily, you’ll find the enjoyment and self belief. You’ll experience the feeling of positive addiction to working out because you’ll be achieving small wins daily that make you feel good about yourself. You’ll find the motivation you need to keep coming back tomorrow, and the next day and the next day.

But please accept that not everyday will feel easy. Not every day will you want to start.

In these moments, silence you’re self-shaming and practice self-compassion.

Recognize that it’s never easy, but that taking action and starting is the only thing you have to do to add your little building block for the day.

And if you miss a day, great! Who cares! That just means you needed to recover. Listen to your body and do what it says. There is no shame in a recovery day. Enjoy it! Rest up and refuel so you can be your best in tomorrows workout.

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