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How to Make a Consistent Gym Lifestyle Without Burning Out

A New Year’s resolution is something we quietly promise ourselves, do for about a week, and then quit. For many of us, going to the gym and getting in shape is one of those little promises that never gets fulfilled. Why? We go at it full force and burn out quickly! Yet, we still want our resolution to come true, so how do we do it? Here is how to make a consistent gym lifestyle without burning out.

Set Reasonable Goals

Don’t just say, “I want to lose ten pounds in a week.” That goal is impossible to achieve and will discourage you when you don’t reach it. Set a series of reasonable and achievable goals that you can check off as the year progresses.

Ease In

While it is great to be excited, don't start with a seven day a week plan. It will scare you off! Ease into your gym schedule and ramp up over time. Your confidence will build, and you are less likely to burn out.

Make it a Habit

Make your gym routine a part of your life; don't just squeeze it in when you have extra time. Schedule a specific time to work out and stick to it. Even when you are tired or feeling lazy, go anyways and try your best to complete your full workout.

Have an Accountability Partner

Appoint a dedicated individual to be your accountability partner. They want you to succeed, and you want them to succeed. You will motivate each other to push for those goals, as well as nudge each other off the couch when feelings of laziness arise.

Find Something Enjoyable

Working out can be awful if you hate what you are doing, so it is vital to incorporate things that you love. Whether it is doing yoga, swimming, running, lifting weights, or taking a class, those happy exercise moments will keep it fun and have you returning excited!

Keep it Close

If you have to travel a long time to get to your gym, it is going to be harder to motivate yourself to want to go. Find a gym nearby that will meets your needs, and it will be easy to pop on over for your scheduled gym time!

Take Pictures

Pictures are the best progress report! Take a picture of yourself when you start and continue with bi-weekly or monthly photos as you progress. When you feel like quitting, take a look at that beginning photo and see how far you have come! Be proud of your progress, and use that photo as a reminder of what you want to achieve. If you have a trustworthy accountability partner, trade photos with them as an extra nudge to work hard!

Reward Yourself

You are working hard, and you deserve to be recognized for that even if it is from yourself. Reward yourself with something fun when you reach one of your big goals. It could be a weekend trip with friends, that new pair of shoes you wanted, or a piece of athletic gear that you will help you stay on the fitness path!

You have the power to create change in yourself. All it takes is a bit of planning, motivation, and determination to stick to your goals. Now that you know how to make a consistent gym lifestyle without burning out, do it!

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