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Styles Transformation Challenge

If you’ve ever taken a physical challenge to improve your fitness before, you’ll know that one of the biggest issues is truly knowing if the challenge has gotten you results for your effort. This is because the goal isn’t to just lose weight on a scale. The true goal to a body transformation is to change the composition of your body. The idea is to decrease body fast while at the same time increase lean muscle mass. When you improve your lean muscle mass you may actually weigh the same on a scale or even in some cases go up on a scale. But by replacing body fat with lean muscle you are turning your body into a healthy, fuel burning machine that helps protect you from developing diseases or illnesses. To decrease body fat only has its health benefits, you should be trying to replace that fat with lean muscle. Here at Styles we take you on a Transformation journey by first teaching you where your body composition is right now, helping you to develop a

fitness and nutrition plan for the duration of our challenge, and holding you accountable to your new routines by offering you support, check-ins and access to our professionals along the way. You get before and after body composition scanning as well as fitness testing. Trust us when we say by the end you will never look at your scale the same again!

Interested in learning more or signing up for our next 8 week challenge starting July 19th click the learn more button.

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